Know the experience of being SMART.


Combine the power of your Smartphone with uServer and get control of your home.

Now everyone can be SMART.

Conect uServer to your TV and enjoy playing videos and music, as well as installing Internet applications, such as Youtube among others.

All the power in a little gadget.

8GB Memory


 til 2TB Storage*

*Additional cost depending on the Hard Disk size.

The color of the lighting will report the state of your Home.

Play 1080 p videos


Thanks to its compact size, its installation is simple and unobtrusive as it fits perfectly inside the electrical light switch box.

Take control of your home installing the uAdds.



Lighting, temperature, and motion detection features in a single device.

One of the most compact sensors for monitoring doors and windows.

Design your own SmartHome with what you have.

uServer allows you to control and manage your home wherever you are, using the uAdds or compatible devices.


Our digital assistant by voice, "Pronova", will help you controlling your home. You will be able to talk to her from anywhere inside your home, with the help of your hands-free.

Communicate with your home.

Install Apps for your Home.

uServer will allow you to install applications from PronovaMarket; you will be able to customize your home as you do on your Smartphone.

All the control in the palm of your hand.

Control your home devices.

Play videos and music from your phone on your TV.

Controls the ignition and off your devices with your voice.

Active Uhome Security System.

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We are your best option.

More benefits in a single product.




Competitor A

Competitor B


$449.9 USD


$599.9 USD

Energy managment

Lightinig systems


Window coverings

Environmental sensors

Door locks

Garge door openers

Security cameras

Entry sensors

Media center

Remote Access

Voice control

File storage








Media Center

Competitor C

Competitor D

From $69 USD

From $35 USD

iOS compatibility

Android compatibility

Audio 3.5" Output

Plays media from smartphone to  TV


$44.99 USD


Competitor E

From $35 USD

Monitoring systems and alerts


Mobile and Web

Contract agreement period

3 years


Monthly fees (service and equipment)

Single payment by acquisition

Professional installation


$199 USD


$449.9 USD

$35 USD

$234 USD

$149.9 USD

$868.8 USD


SmartHome Hub

Media Center

Security Service

Storage System (NAS) 2TB

* Special price of the Beta version. Get in touch with us to acquire it.

uHome in the media.

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uHome, IPN students want to make reality the Smarthome.


"uHome, alumnos del IPN quieren hacer realidad la casa inteligente"

Review: A smart home with Pronovatek uHome


"Reseña: Un hogar inteligente con uHome de Pronovatek"

Once Noticias

IPN students design smart home


"Alumnos del IPN diseñan casa inteligente"

Know the development Smarthome devices with Pronovatek


"Conoce el desarrollo de dispositivos para casas inteligentes con Pronovatek"

Pronovatek offers 100% Mexican IOT solutions according to the needs of our customers.


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